floor-standing clean bench / for hazardous materials



  • Applications:

    for hazardous materials

  • Configuration:



Particle free environmentKuva1

The Kojair Cleanwizard V (vertical) and Cleanwizard H (horizontal) cabinets are built for handling of non-hazardous substances and other products which require clean, particle-free environment. In design of the cabinet much effort has been put in easy operation and smooth, easily cleanable surfaces. Clean, parallel stream of air flows horizontally (Cleanwizard H) or vertically (Cleanwizard V) through the working chamber preventing access of room air particles into the product.


Table top is stainless steel. Other parts are white powder coated epoxy
Prefilter EU-3
Main filter H-14, complying EN 1822
Light intensity KV >1100 Lux / KH >1600 Lux

Control system

Switch for fan
Indicators for lights and UV-light (UV-light is interlocked with the light and fan for enchanged safety)
A pressure gauge for airflow monitoring