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spherical tissue expander
R-140x series

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spherical tissue expander spherical tissue expander - R-140x series


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Soft and durable silicone material.
Supplied with remote injection port.
Tube length can be adjusted by cutting the connector port.
A variety of sizes and shapes are available.

Precaution for use
Examine the main body and the injection port to ascertain whether or not there is any water leakage.
The incision line should be excised in the future but if this is not possible, make the incision at an unnoticeable area.
Use a 23 G or thinner injection needle.
Avoid placing the injection port where it would be pressed or greatly moved.
When saline solution is injected, insert needle vertically into the injection port.
Should any infection or water leakage be observed, remove the product immediately.
When the tissue becomes extended visibly thinner from normal condition, proper treatment such as reducing the volume of saline solution should be considered.
In order not to damage the body of the expander, sharp-edged instruments must be kept away from the product.
For one-time use only
Should be implanted temporary to expand the tissue, but product is not intended to be left in permanently.

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