fiber optic light source / for microscopes / for spectroscopy / for biomedical research



  • Applications:

    for microscopes, for spectroscopy, for biomedical research

  • Light source:

    halogen, cold light, fiber optic

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, cold, continuous


The KL5110 cold light source is the smallest in the range. This device is very economic and offers good performance for most basic applications. An external power supply with adaptor plugs makes it very versatile. Illumination is through a 8 V, 20W halogen bulb with a colour temperature of 3050K.

• Very compact
• Inexpensive
• Ideal for basic applications, especially in gemmology
• Illuminated by an 8V, 20W halogen lamp with a color temperature of 3.050K
• Various light guides available