monitoring software / management / quality control / for equipment control



  • Function:

    monitoring, management, quality control, for equipment control, access control, acquisition, sharing, for archiving, evaluation, for sample tracking, data tracking

  • Application domain:


  • Medical establishment:

    laboratory, for industrial applications


The tailored LIMS for your KRÜSS devices
For our digital refractometer, polarimeter, density meters and gas analyzers, A.KRÜSS offers the specially developed KrüssLab laboratory software for measured value acquisition and evaluation. In addition to a central user administration, it also has the option of user-defined filtering, saving and archiving of measurement results.

Our KrüssLab software allows you to conveniently control all of your KRÜSS devices on a PC. The KrüssLab can beeasily installed via Windows Explorer. Your devices are connected to your local network via Ethernet or directly to your computer and identified via its IP address. The user-friendly interface that you already know from your KRÜSS devices will then appear on the PC monitor. The KrüssLab allows you the following:

Central user management; the user rights can be transferred to the individual devices
Remote control of any number of devices
Measured data can be saved in a database
Access to measured data even if the measurement devices are switched oŽff
The selection of measured data with diŽfferent filters
The print-out of measured data to any printer

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