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medicine automated dispensing system / on casters / with touch screen
Autodrug Sprindose



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    on casters, with touch screen


Ideal system for maximum control of certain products: narcotics, high cost drugs, etc.
Dispensing by a closed system, no external access possible, aluminium finish
Maximum safety when taking out the dose or multidose per patient and user, with no further access to products or doses other than those requested to the system. (authorized staff cannot withdraw without control more medication than the one entered in computer of the dispenser)
Operated through a touch screen with password access
Availability of severals modules adapted to the needs
of each nursing unit
Comprehensive connectivity with different services and areas
of the Hospital
Meets the storage “KANBAN” System. (It dispenses the drug that most time is stored, minimizing the risk of expiry)
Dispenses protocols individually or in the forms of packs
No risk of ampules or vials being broken