isolation animal research cage / modular

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isolation animal research cage / modular isolation animal research cage / modular - bCON™


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With good reason, the most widely accepted animal caging used in ABSL-3 has been the simple, static (non-ventilated) Micro-Isolator®… until now. A completely revolutionary design specifically engineered for housing mice in ABSL-3 facilities, the bCON™ Biocontainment System dramatically improves upon the static caging standard. Combining cage size flexibility and superior performance with ease of use (mix and match any number of docked cages on the rack), bCON™ provides cage-to-cage airflow balance and cage-level containment, previously not achieved in ABSL-3 animal housing. The bCON™ Biocontainment System provides a uniquely simple, reliable and easy-to-use housing solution… the most effective Biocontainment system available today.

Choose from the Super Mouse 1800™ bCON™ Biocontainment System with two cage sizes for housing mice or the One Cage 2100™ bCON™ Biocontainment System, with two Species-Flexible™ cages sizes for housing rats, mice, hamsters and guinea pigs.