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laboratory digester / Kjeldahl / with distillation system
2117 series

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laboratory digester laboratory digester - 2117 series


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    Kjeldahl, with distillation system


Open Combination and Hooded Combination Kjeldahl units have digestion and distillation components for nitrogen determination in one space-saving apparatus.

Open Combination Kjeldahl units are supported by a sturdy, tubular steel framework, with the distillation apparatus mounted above the digestion portion. Models are available with the capacity to digest and distill up to 12 samples at a time.

Hooded Combination Kjeldahl units enclose the distillation and digestion apparatus so that process heat may be contained and vented from the laboratory. The hood surrounding the apparatus includes three collars: one for remotely-located exhaust blower connection, one for acid fume exhaust manifold connection, and one for auxiliary-air blower inlet connection. Models are available that digest and distill up to 18 samples at one time.

Kjeldahl units require a remote blower to exhaust fumes.

Distillation manifold with seamless stainless steel tubing. No fittings or gaskets are required eliminating a potential leak source.
Counterflow heat exchanger controls back pressure and maximizes the rate of distillation for uniformity of results.
Remote-control flow valve allows cooling water volume adjustment.
Easy-to-read temperature gauge located on the water outlet
One-piece borosilicate glass connecting bulbs separate liquid from vapors prior to the vapors entering the condenser and effectively traps caustic mist that may carry over to the recovery solution.
One-piece borosilicate glass delivery tubes with long necks, round bottoms and thick walls to help eliminate pressure fluctuations in the distillation phase.