heating water bath / benchtop / compact

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heating water bath / benchtop / compact heating water bath / benchtop / compact


  • Temperature control:


  • Configuration:

    benchtop, compact

  • Temperature range:

    Min.: 5 °C (41 °F)

    Max.: 100 °C (212 °F)

  • Capacity:

    6 l (1.6 gal)


This water bath from Labnet is made of stainless steel so the seamless chamber is resistant to corrosion. Evaporation is minimized due to the stainless gable cover, and the 6 liter compact bath includes a pilot light to show when it's heating. A non-toxic, optional thermometer can clip onto the gable cover to assist with accurately monitoring temperatures, and the device has a 550W heating power. Plastic tube racks including the Labnet K564, K565, K566 and the S2058-30 can also be accomodated by the chamber.