laboratory bottle-top dispenser / variable-volume

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laboratory bottle-top dispenser / variable-volume laboratory bottle-top dispenser / variable-volume - Labmax™
  • Laboratory bottle-top dispenser / variable-volume


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Through the input from its users and extensive testing, the Labmax bottle top dispenser was specially developed. The outcome includes a user-friendly system that comes with various important features.

It has an air purging system that is closed circuit, an integrated exclusive swivel neck, and a reagent "guard valve" for a safe shutdown. ISO 9001 certified, the device provides direct displacement and an accurate and quick volume adjustment system. It uses a PTFE piston, is auto-calibrating, and fully autoclavable.

Its unique air purging system eliminates air and bubbles that settle in the dispenser without losing an amount of the reagent. On the other hand, the "guard valve" eliminates the need to discharge its tube caps. The exclusive swivel neck allows convenient dispensing as it allows the discharge tube a 360-degree turn without affecting its connection to the bottle. These products can be safely put in an autoclave to provide maximum sterilization and safety for the user.