gastro-esophageal pressure patient monitor / intensive care / on casters / computer-based



  • Measured parameter:

    gastro-esophageal pressure

  • Applications:

    intensive care

  • Configuration:

    on casters

  • Other characteristics:



High Resolution Anorectal Manometry

The Solar GI HRAM uses advanced diagnostic technology to accurately measure anorectal pressures, providing more information than conventional manometry.

Latest developments such as the QuickView analysis program, 360 degrees HRAM, 3D Anorectal Pressure Topography and new catheter technology make Solar GI HRAM:
- Extremely easy to use
- Procedures more accurate and reliable
- Data analysis better, simpler and quicker
- Procedure costs lower

360 Degrees HRAM

Using a dedicated 3D catheter, HRAM data can be displayed in a 3D plot, providing even more information. As a result, sphincter damage or defects can easily be recognized in the tube view mode.

Investigations to be performed with HRAM:
- Resting pressure
- Squeeze pressure
- Endurance squeeze
- Push-defecation test
- Sensation-compliance
- Cough
- External stimulus using tooth-pick
- Balloon expulsion
- Defecography (anorectal manometry with X-ray)

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