treatment patient simulator / airway management / wound management / vascular access
SimMan 3G



  • Procedure:

    treatment, airway management, wound management, vascular access, breathing, CPR, eye diseases

  • Form:

    whole body

  • Other characteristics:

    with digital real-time feedback


An emergency patient simulator that can help improve critical time management, decision making, communication and handovers between departments.

Delivering high quality simulation experiences requires training to take place at the right time and place, and requires the most appropriate equipment. In order to meet new challenges and facilitate the growing demand for in situ and multidisciplinary training, the need for flexible training solutions are critical.

An easy to use advanced patient simulator
SimMan 3G can display neurological symptoms as well as physiological. It is designed to deliver the most realistic training possible whilst remaining easy to set up and simple to operate.

SimMan 3G comes with a long list of features that will optimise simulation training scenarios including automatic drug recognition, light sensitive pupils and bodily fluid excretion. These features provide the opportunity to practice many basic and advanced clinical skills without risk to patients.

Wireless technology makes SimMan 3G flexible and mobile, so that it is possible to conduct training for the entire rescue chain and allow team training which includes patient handover and emergency reporting.