treatment patient simulator / airway management / for resuscitation / infant



  • Procedure:

    treatment, airway management, for resuscitation

  • Type:


  • Form:

    whole body


Advanced training in neonatal resuscitation
SimNewB is a newborn tetherless simulator co-created with the American Academy of Pediatrics, designed to help improve neonatal resuscitation and to meet the specific learning objectives of neonatal resuscitation protocols.

Focusing on the first 10 minutes of life, SimNewB provides realistic training for critical interventions such as lung recruitment maneuvers and advanced airway management.

Learn how to perform the correct techniques
The SimNewB airway is designed with measurements and materials that will allow learners to understand how it feels to perform an airway management procedure correctly with the appropriate resistance.

The airway allows for training in all aspects of newborn airway management, including the realistic feel of "wet or stiff" lungs to succeed in assisting with first breaths by use of positive pressure airway devices and the placement of oral or nasal ET tubes and LMAs.