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polygraph polygraph - LX4000-S


The LX4000 Computerized Polygraph System records, stores, and analyzes physiological changes during a polygraph examination. The LX4000 system combines conventional polygraph procedure with sophisticated state of the art technology. Results are derived from the following traditional physiological parameters:

Pneumo - Two Respiration Input Channels
EDA - Galvanic Skin Response
Cardio - Blood Volume / Pulse Rate
We currently offer a Plethysmograph (PPG) Model 76604A-5L with an adaptor (Model 76604ADP) to measure finger pulse and blood volume, Activity Sensor Model 76879S to measure any movement by the subject to help identify countermeasures. A total of seven channels can be recorded at one time.

Charts are recorded in much the same manner as conventional polygraph instrumentation with a smooth scrolling display moving from right to left. The tracings recorded are in real-time and are truly rectilinear, so charts can be easily interpreted. See polygraph software page for a sample of the tracings. The system can be operated using a mouse / pointing device or the keyboard.