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control software / calibration / rehabilitation / hospital control software / calibration / rehabilitation / hospital - 73105


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    control, calibration

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During rehabilitation, the client trains specific muscle groups using a prescribed graphic. The objective is to both increase the client’s ability to control muscle tension and to also develop the muscles themselves.

The client tenses the affected muscle group in regular intervals and relaxes them again. In so doing, he attempts to follow the prescribed course of a graphic on the screen. The graphic is based on the values of the client that the program collected during the calibration phase.

Four options for adjusting the sensitivity and four different filters are available. This way, the client can be given motivating feedback despite weak muscle signals. The contraction phases, the number of repetitions and the breaks can be adjusted individually to make training easier in the first sessions.

Pareses (Paralysis)
Locomotor System Diseases and Injuries
Torticollis (Wryneck)
Radicular Pain (Headache)