heel positioning pad / elbow positioning / support / for humans



  • Type:

    heel positioning, elbow positioning, support

  • Patient type:

    for humans

  • Other characteristics:



The merino sheepskin Heel-elbow pad from Lanaform is the most comfortable solution for adults, children and babies.

The Mediclana Heel-elbow pad from Lanaform is made from the best sheep in the world, the Australian Merino. Their wool is unbelievably soft and strong, has fantastic thermoregulation properties, is incredibly fine, naturally supple and very thick, so it guarantees maximum comfort for adults, children and babies.

- It is incredibly soft, dense and supple, making it perfect for everyone.
- Its strength and thermoregulation properties make it a safe and durable material.
- Its physical properties guarantee great insulation in cold and hot temperatures.
- This is due to its capacity to absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture.
- The Heat-elbow pad is also allergenic, so it has nothing but benefits for its users.

Specifications :
- Dimensions: one size
- Composition 100% wool
- Hand or even machine washable (30°, "delicates" cycle)