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The Minidermabrasioncombats ageing skin. With the dermabrasion technology, it eliminates dead skin cells and fades wrinkles and fine lines.

The "MiniDermabrasion" uses the dermabrasion technology supported by three abrasive sapphire-based heads and continuous suction.
This sapphire coating removes dead skin to alleviate the effects of ageing skin.

Its action improves the skin's general appearance by making it smoother, younger and softer.

What's more, its exfoliating action reduces skin imperfections by fading wrinkles and fine lines, dark spots, blackheads and signs of fatigue. The skin appears healthier and more elastic and the eye area is brighter after the very first application.

Since it is portable, it can be used anywhere and recharged very easily.


100% of women who used the device found it easy to use and more effective than a scrub applied at home
100% of them felt that their skin was smoother and 97% of them felt that their skin was softer and healthier.
96% of them found that this device reduced imperfections and blackheads. Over 82% of women who used the device noticed that there were fewer imperfections, fine lines and signs of fatigue.
*Results obtained following a clinical study carried out on 25 women between 30 and 60 years old, after using the device twice a week for 28 days (study carried out on the Microdermabrasion LA131309).

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