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dermatology laser / Er:YAG / trolley-mounted
LOTUS Series

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dermatology laser / Er:YAG / trolley-mounted dermatology laser / Er:YAG / trolley-mounted - LOTUS Series


  • Applications:


  • Amplifying medium:


  • Configuration:


  • Wavelength:

    2,940 nm


For treatment of superficial lesions
(Scar, Mole, Skin tag etc...)
- Able to ablate skin superficially with Short Pulse
- Ablation and thermal effect can be done at once with Long Pulse Mode

By using Fractional handpiece and Zoom handpiece,
it can be used selectively according as each different type of lesions, especially when doing treatment with
Fractional handpiece, laser beam can penetrate into
upper dermal layer to stimulate the renewal of elastin and collagen, it also reduces PIH which shows up
commonly after the treatment, a spot size of Zoom
handpiece is adjustable from size 1 to 7mm in
diameter which allows to treat even small lesions,
so both doctors and patients may expect satisfactory

Laser Type Er:YAG
Wavelength 2940nm