laboratory microscope / for teaching / digital / phase contrast
SeBa™ 2



  • Applications:

    laboratory, for teaching

  • Type:


  • Observation technique:

    phase contrast, dark field

  • Other characteristics:

    with color camera, with touchscreen


The new SeBa™ 2 upright microscope integrates the best of digital technology with high quality microscope optics. The Seba™ series embraces the concept of simple, seamless integration of high quality optics, ease-of-use and cutting edge digital technology. The Seba™ 2’s modern design, advanced features, and superior quality is ideal for the education environment.

Key Features
• The Power of SeBaShare
• User Friendly Touchscreen Interface
• Easily Capture, Review, Measure, Print, and Annotate Images
• Brightfield, Darkfield, Simple Polarization, & Phase Contrast
• Upload Images to SeBaShare or save to a USB drive