continuous granulator / for the pharmaceutical industry / dryer



  • Applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Other characteristics:

    dryer, continuous


Bohle Conti Granulator BCG® – alone or integrated

The twin screw granulator BCG can be operated as stand-alone machine or fully integrated in the continuous manufacturing line by L.B. Bohle. Powder is added via gravimetric feeding and wetted by granulation liquid, which is fed by a high precision pump. Resulting granules are intermixed densified and leave the BCG through an automated connection to the fluid bed-dryer.

The flexible screws configuration facilitates the manufacturing of granules with different porosities that fulfil the requirements of the subsequent downstream drying and tableting processes.
Intelligent control concepts

Through intelligent control concepts in conjunction with PAT, such as NIR for in-line determination or continuous particle size analysis, granules are produced in highest quality. In this context, the machine’s communication with PAT allows to control the product quality, which is met by the automatic control of critical process parameters. Using a predefined Design-Space, consistently high product quality is ensured.

In comparison to batch granulation processes, the gain of efficiency, the reduction of waste material, smaller GMP footprint and lower operating costs are advantages of the continuous production.