mill for the pharmaceutical industry / knife / hammer



  • Technology:

    knife, hammer

  • Applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry


Even for most complicated products, the user-friendly, modular and compact cGMP design of the Turbo Mill BTM ensures excellent throughput capacities.

Important features: easy transport on a mobile undercarriage as well as height adjustability. The raw materials are consistently filled into the mill chamber via an oscillating valve. The fast rotating knives mill the product either by cutting or pounding. Subsequently, the mill material is discharged via a sieve controlling the granular size.

The knives, sieve and speed determine the granular size of the end product. High rotor speeds enable fast and extremely homogenous product milling. The Bohle Turbo Mill BTM milling rotor can be easily turned according to the specific product properties.

The operator-friendly, modular and compact cGMP design of the BTM guarantees excellent milling results.

The advantages of the Bohle Turbo Mill BTM:

particle size < 100 µm
screen sizes from 0,3 to 3 mm
speed of 600 - 6,000 rpm
rotor with hammer and knife sides
automnatic rotary valve protects against overfilling
easy to operate, modular and compact
integrated moblie lifting column
gesket made of PTFE or silicone - cGMP, FDA compliant

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