neurosurgery microscope / spine surgery microscope / floor-mounted / on casters



  • Microscope type:

    neurosurgery microscope, spine surgery microscope

  • Ergonomics:

    floor-mounted, on casters


Augment your reality with a single vision for the future
Digital Augmented Reality Microscope for Complex Neurosurgery ARveo

In delicate neurosurgery your vision and understanding of anatomical structures and physiological processes powers your decision-making. How would it impact outcomes if you had a single, precise, augmented view of the surgical field, in one augmented microscope platform?

Our ARveo digital augmented reality microscope will empower your surgical decisions with:

Augmented digital imaging for precise, real-time information
Freedom to choose what you see and how you see it
Flexible options to share your view in the OR and beyond

With a single, complete picture of what lies ahead, you can go forward with confidence.

Empower your decision-making with Augmented Reality

The ARveo microscope integrates the supplementary imaging information you need to make precise, confident decisions. Enhance your understanding with IGS data and our propriety GLOW Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Building on a decade of leadership in fluorescence imaging, GLOW AR is ready to revolutionize the way you navigate your most challenging neurosurgical procedures.

A sophisticated imaging sensor and algorithms capture, optimize, and combine multiple spectral bands of visible and fluorescent light. The result is faithful, natural coloring of tissue and accurate representation of fluorescence intensity.

Our first modality is GLOW800 AR fluorescence, but this is just the start: GLOW AR technology is future-ready. Choose ARveo with built-in GLOW800 AR fluorescence, then simply upgrade as soon as the next modality is launched.