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catheter guidewire / hydrophilic
Balancium™ series

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catheter guidewire / hydrophilic catheter guidewire / hydrophilic - Balancium™ series


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PTCA Guidewire CCosss
Guide to wherever you want to be
Two types of core materials
• 304V stainless steel core—high performance stainless steel core, provide good support and flexibility.
• 304V+Nitinol—provide superior flexibility and durability; improved torque response. Two types of core design
• Core-to-tip—provide series tip stiffness, good touch feedback, easy to control , moderate support.
• Shaping ribbon—outstanding flexibility and better at maintaining the tip shape. Excellent radiopacity
• The Distal 3cm coil at the Tip made from Platinum wire provides excellent radiopacity under X-Rays or Fluoroscopy and accurate touch feedback for operators.
Hydrophilic coating
• A Hydrophilic Coating is applied to the distal 30cm Coiled end of the Product, which reduces increases trackability of guidewire. makes it across the lesions easily.
PTFE coating on middle and proximal part
• Reduce friction, improve pushability and device compatibility.