tablet press / for production / for the pharmaceutical industry / compact



  • Applications:

    for tablets, for production, for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Configuration:

    compact, tabletop

  • Other characteristics:



The TDP 0 Tablet Press is an advanced, manually operated pill press that is able to press round tablets up to 12mm in diameter and 6mm thick without the need for electrical power. Thanks to its compact dimensions, light weight and manual operation the TDP 0 is popular in applications that require portability and simplicity of use, including field applications and on work carried out on location.
With interchangeable dies and a useful 15 Kn of pressure, the TDP 0 makes it easy to produce high quality tablets for use in universities, hospitals, laboratories and research institutes in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. It is also ideal for any user who needs to make a small number of tablets, or to create tablets on an ad hoc basis.
Exceptionally cheap to run, as it uses no electric power, and simple to maintain, the TDP 0 is a fast and flexible way to produce small quantities of tablets.
Main benefits at a glance:
Small and light weight, making it far more portable than electric powered tablet presses
Advanced engineering makes it easy to produce high quality tablets without electricity
Up to 12mm diameter round tablets
Easy to use and maintain
Interchangeable dies
No running costs
Well engineered, reliable machine for a wide range of applications