tablet press / for production / R&D / for the pharmaceutical industry
TDP 1.5



  • Applications:

    for tablets, for production, R&D, for the pharmaceutical industry

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The TDP 1.5 is a flexible and easily managed desktop format pill press that provides remarkable levels of output, performance and overall flexibility. Able to run on both electricity and manual power, this appliance is the perfect choice for anyone who requires a high-quality press for small batch manufacturing and trial runs that makes it suitable for r & d or similar applications.
If you have been looking for a tablet press to help you produce new products, or to test concepts before rolling them out for manufacturing, the TDP 1.5’s ability to produce a range of tablet sizes in small volumes means that this is certainly the appliance to suit your needs. Made to match the demands of laboratory and developmental tasks, instead of large scale production, the TDP 1.5 is nonetheless capable of producing any quantity from only a few tablets right up to small manufacturing runs up to 5,000 per hour.
The main benefit of this tablet press lies in its versatility, coupled with a strong feature set and the premium quality of its construct. The latter guarantees excellent reliability. For these reasons the TDP 1.5 is a popular option for use in research institutions, labs, foodstuff technology applications, pharmaceutical development, chemical plants and hospitals, or any facility where overall flexibility, simplicity of use and output are at a premium.