tablet press / for the pharmaceutical industry / rotary / high-speed



  • Applications:

    for tablets, for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Other characteristics:

    rotary, high-speed, with touchscreen, fully-automatic, manual


The HSTP Series of high speed rotary tablet presses is a major innovation in tablet pressing technology, achieving very high levels of productivity and speed and offering exceptional refinements in terms of safety, efficiency and quality of output. An LCD touch screen display panel makes these advanced pill presses very easy to use, while a host of features such as the automatic lubrication system make them simple to maintain. The operator can choose between manual or automatic modes for many functions, allowing for easy use when applying standard settings, or fine control to suit advanced users.
Depending on the model chosen the HSTP tablet presses can produce tablets of up to 22 mm diameter and up to 8 mm thick. They are very powerful machines, using a 380v 3-phase power supply to run a multi-kilowatt electric motor which enables them to generate a maximum of 100Kn pressure, plus 20Kn of pre-pressing pressure. With between 17 and 40 cutting heads and a maximum production rate of between 78,500 and 260,000 tablets an hour, the HSTP Series tablet presses are aimed squarely at large scale manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and related industries.