electric treatment chair / 3-section / on casters



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    on casters



Designed to meet such criteria as ergonomics and comfort, ease of use, mobility and stability (even assuming a high patient weight) as well as time saving hygiene, SALSA® couches are ideal for hospitals and clinical practices. All models are lightweight and mobile, which will please both patients and those caring for them. The range provides the right couch for every set of needs.

The modern treatment couch for demanding environments

A couch that‘s good for patients: providing maximum support on comfortable, soft upholstery, the SALSA® A3 brings patients to any required position in stepless motion. Powered by three motors, the couch moves from sitting position to the comfort and bed position. Thanks to such a level of patient comfort, even treatments lasting several hours can be undertaken in a relaxed manner. In case of emergency, the couch moves the patient into the shock position – and the Trendelenburg position if necessary – at the touch of a button. The soft, pre-shaped foam armrests are folding upwards, are rotatable and are tiltable to ensure ideal access and thus play their part in patient well-being.

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