minimally invasive femoral stem / cementless

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minimally invasive femoral stem / cementless minimally invasive femoral stem / cementless - MINIMA


  • Surgical application:

    minimally invasive

  • Fixture type:



Minima is a system composed of 2 stems: monolithic (MINIMA S) and modular (MINIMA M).

The stem is short making easy the tissue sparing procedure with preservation of the GT and consequently of the soft tissue related, the stem is laterally rounded for a ‘round the corner’ introduction. Design features improve primary e secondary fixation: optimized tip to avoid the contact with the medial part of the cortical bone, lateral curvature designed for filling completely the sub trochanteric area, Rounded profile in the calcar region to avoid re absorption phenomena, squared section for optimal torsional stability, tapered design to avoid sinking maximizing proximal loading.

All surgical approach can be used with the MINIMA system, although the Anterior or Antero/Lateral enhanced the advantages coming from the design of the stem. Round the corner: the lateral curvatures of the stem allows an insertion maneuver respecting the natural curvature of the calcar region.