modular shoulder prosthesis / revision / cemented or non-cemented

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modular shoulder prosthesis / revision / cemented or non-cemented modular shoulder prosthesis / revision / cemented or non-cemented - SMR


  • Shoulder prosthesis type:


  • Surgical application:


  • Fixation:

    cemented or non-cemented



The convertible and clinically proven Lima Corporate SMR Modular Shoulder System design allows the shoulder prosthesis to evolve with the pathology encountered whether it is resurfacing, fracture hemi, total shoulder, reverse shoulder or revision.
Based on well proven taper locking technology, a common humeral stem can be assembled with either trauma, anatomic or reverse proximal bodies depending on patient pathology.
The modularity on the glenoid side is achieved using a glenoid Metal Back which is characterized by a convex titanium alloy baseplate, to allow proper load distribution to the bone, and a central peg for press-fit fixation. Two screws are intended to increase initial stability and prevent rotation. In a total shoulder situation a polyethylene glenoid liner locks over the Metal Back and articulates with the humeral head. In a reverse shoulder arrangement a glenosphere, available in concentric or eccentric solution is connected to the Metal Back by means of a double taper connector.
The modularity of the SMR System allows a simple conversion from anatomic to reverse, without removing the humeral stem and Metal Back, and intraoperative versatility.