food safety test kit / for identification analysis / for microbiology / for food
71680, 79680



  • Applications:

    for identification analysis, for food safety, for microbiology

  • Sample type:

    for food


The Liofilchem® FOOD SYSTEM (ref. 71680) is a 12 wells panel containing biochemical substrata for the detection and presumptive identification of pathogenic microorganisms from foodstuff in just 18-24 hours. The FOOD SYSTEM is conveniently configured to test two samples in the same panel.The FOOD SYSTEM delivers the simultaneous detection and presumptive identification of:Salmonella spp.Proteus /Providencia spp.Pseudomonas spp.Staphylococcus aureusEscherichia coliBacillus cereusListeria spp.yeasts and moulds.The system is inoculated with a suspension of food sample and incubated at 36 °C for 18-24 hours.The tests for detection and presumptive identification of the microorganisms present in the sample are interpreted by evaluating the color change in the wells.