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gait analysis system / wearable
GaitSens 1000

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gait analysis system / wearable gait analysis system / wearable - GaitSens 1000


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    gait analysis system

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GaitSens product line helps you easily assess gait objectively and report on your patient’s progress over time. You no longer need to spend tens of thousands of dollars purchasing gait assessment tools that have a steep learning curve and are difficult to setup. Our GaitSens product line meets the specific needs of the busy clinic. Cost effective, easy to use with reports that provide clinically meaningful data you need to assess measure and report progress.
The GaitSens 1000 uses sophisticated yet elegant sensors to wirelessly measure and record your patients’ movements and determine gait parameters. The set-up is easy, the data objective and the cost reasonable.

Innovative wearable sensors in the clinic for gait and balance assessment. These lightweight, small portable sensors provide a cost effective way to make real-time, accurate and repeatable measures of gait anywhere

Simply strap two sensors on your patient's leg and you are ready to go. Included software on a tablet or laptop wirelessly receives, processes and reports on gait data effortlessly. Our most cost effective option.

Cost Effective
Easy to Set Up
Virtual Gait Lab
Wearable Bio Sensors
Wireless Bluetooth Connect
Takes No Space - Goes Anywhere
Gait Anywhere
Patient Database
Record and Replay Data
Print or Export Reports