POC hemoglobin analyzer / adult / bench-top
NBM 200



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The NBM 200 is a non-invasive monitor for spot testing of blood Hemoglobin (Hb) values. It consists of a reusable ring shaped sensor that is placed on the donor's finger, and a portable desktop monitor that displays the measurement results in less than 60 seconds. It may be used for anemia testing in clinical and non-clinical environments, blood & plasma collection centers, primary care, maternity and other physician's offices.
The technology combines a sensitive optical measurement with temporary blood-flow occlusion using a pneumatic finger sensor cuff. The occluded blood generates a unique and strong optical signal, enabling highly sensitive measurement of analytes.
The NBM 200 represents a breakthrough in noninvasive blood constituents measurements, while greatly improving donor comfort and safety, minimizing infection risks and providing accurate and immediate results at point of care. Lmb's proprietary technology offers a unique breakthrough solution for Hemoglobin (Hb) testing at point-of-care, that is suited for use in a variety of clinical or non-clinical, fixed or mobile settings.

NBM 200 Benefits

Donor Comfort
No Pain
No Blood
Increase in Donors Returns
Easy & Safe to Use
Infection Free
Hands Free
Clutter Free Table
Reliable Anemia Screening
Immediate Results
Environmentally Friendly
No Disposables