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fluidized bed dryer / for the pharmaceutical industry



  • Drying method:

    fluidized bed

  • Applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry


Drying, Granulating and Coating in one unit
High degree of flexibility (25%-100% working volume)
Quick and easy filter replacement
Easy cleaning
Flame proof construction
Customized units
Turnkey units
Machine Type

The Lödige Fluid Bed Processor is designed for:

Granulating and
The processor runs in batch operation. The heated inlet air homogeneously flows through the special designed Conidur® bottom into the product vessel, fluidizes the product and keeps it in constant motion. This ensures an excellent heat transfer and high drying rate. Integrated jet filters separate the product area from the pure gas area. The product particles are held back in the processor and retained in the process. The process air leaves the processor at the top.