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AB Series



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    for operating tables

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Our range includes arm supports from fixed basic models to one-hand adjustable ball joint models. Separate straps are also available for armboards to ensure that the patient’s arm remains on the armboard during the procedure. The adjustment handle on adjustable models and rail clamps (fitted as standard to arm supports) are made of antimicrobial material (EPA approved brass).

Our high quality viscoelastic (VEF) padding with two-layer structure is recommended for use with the armboard. The material helps prevent different kinds of depressions and nerve damage, is pleasant to use and easy to keep clean. The polyurethane (PU) surface material is antibacterial, anti-static, fire retardant, skin-friendly, moisture resistant and able to withstand disinfectants. The armboard can alternatively be equipped with a moulded padding which is durable, easy to clean and anti-static.

Our range of arm and hand surgery tables includes a straight model and a unique, ergonomically hourglass shaped model.

The materials for our arm and hand surgery tables have been selected to allow optimal x-ray quality. The adjustment knobs on the legs of arm and hand surgery tables are made of antimicrobial brass. Arm and hand surgery tables require a separate padding, which features high quality antibacterial, anti-static and moisture resistant PU surface material.