electric Bobath table / height-adjustable / on casters / 2-section
4010XB, 4020XB



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    height-adjustable, on casters

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Sturdy treatment table for neurological therapy
Main features:
1. Very high safe working load (SWL) 400 kg

2. Patented structure that makes the table sturdy and well suited for heavy use

3. Patient lifts fit easily underneath even when the table is at its lowest height (40 cm)

The renewed Lojer Bobath Mat Treatment Table is designed primarily for neurological therapy and Bobath therapy. The table has a patented structure that makes it very sturdy and well suited even for constant heavy use. It is designed in such a way that the therapist can be on the table at the same time as the patient who is being treated — safe working load (SWL) is up to astonishing 400 kg.

The tabletop is upholstered to a high standard and the sides are strengthened with plastic edging. The upholstery material is extremely durable and antimicrobial fabric that is also easy to clean, waterproof and has excellent disinfectant features. Tabletop’s foam thickness is 30 mm, which makes the patient surface less elastic and more suitable for examinations and treatments of neurological disorders. Bobath’s frame structure allows patient lifts to fit easily underneath it (ground clearance is 15 cm) even when the table is at its lowest height. Extremely low minimum height (40 cm) ensures that even patients with wheelchair are able to get onto the table with ease.

There are two models available: 4010XB has one-part tabletop and 4020XB comes with two-part tabletop and adjustable back section. Both models can be equipped with optional face hole to enhance patient comfort.