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height-adjustable shower stretcher / wall-mounted

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height-adjustable shower stretcher / wall-mounted height-adjustable shower stretcher / wall-mounted - Sirocco


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    height-adjustable, wall-mounted


Maximum lifting capacity 150 kg.
Electrically operated height adjustability.
Easy-to-use hand switch.
Incorporates wall-mounted battery charger.
Battery easy to change.
Supplied with additional battery (standard).
Emergency stop.
Maximum lifting capacity 150 kg.
Emergency lowering device.
Length: 199 cm, width: 75 cm.
Lowest lying position: 40 cm.
Stretcher, head and foot boards made from polycarbonate.
Mattress has 20 cm sill.
Height adjustability mechanism can be operated by handcontrol.
2 hinged safety rails, coated stainless steel.
Outlet hose for water drainage.
The stretcher is constructed from coated steel with protective plastic trim.
Ideal as shower stretcher and changing table.
The height adjustability mechanism is powered by a 24 V actuator, fitted with a removable battery pack which can be wall-mounted outside the bathroom.
The stretcher is fitted with a 1.75 m water drainage outlet hose fitted on right-hand side (standard) when viewed from the operating side. Longer outlet hoses available on request.
Standard NEN 1010 to use safe in wet area.
Optional: extra battery pack.