dental instrument sterilization cassette
18-98-06x series



  • Applications:

    for dental instruments


Instruments Cassettes

Also available in Removable Cover option with Twist Lock System

Available Sizes: 05/07/10/20 Instruments

Color Choices: Blue, Red, Green

Product Codes:

18-98-063 (185x65x25mm) - 05 Instruments
18-98-073 (185x90x25mm) - 07 Instruments
18-98-020 (185x125x25mm)- 10 Instruments
18-98-064 (285x190x30mm)- 20 Instruments

with Removable Cover & Twist Lock System
18-98-060 (290x185x35mm) - 20 Instruments
18-98-061 (200x150x35mm) - 10 Instruments
18-98-062 (200x70x35mm) - 05 Instruments

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