analysis software / reporting / for cardiac Holter monitors

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analysis software analysis software - EUROHOLTER SW3/12


  • Function:

    analysis, reporting

  • Application domain:

    for cardiac Holter monitors


LUMED® EUROHOLTER 3view and 12view
To record and analyze ECG in daily life, for 24/48 hours or up to 7 days.
3 or 12
- 3- or 12-channel recorders.
- 24/48-hours recording or up to 7 days (3-channel)
- Enhanced software modules:
- HRT Heart-Rate Turbolence
- TWA T-Wave Alternans
- DCA Heart-Rate Decelaration Capacity
- QT / QTc and Dispersion Analysis
- SAP Sleep Apnoea Analysis
- VectorCardiogram
- VLP Very Low Potential / SAECG Analysis
LUMED® EUROHOLTER is a modern Holter system, for the complete and extended management of high resolution recordings.
The main features of EUROHOLTER include:
- Easy and intuitive commands and icons, with textual descriptions
- Free report composition and automatic referral
- Print preview, showing also the total amount of pages to be printed
- Data storage
- Input & Output interfaces towards external systems, like as ADT, according to the Standard GDT protocol or HL7
- PDF export
- Backup of older examinations
- Archive compression: the raw data are removed and only the report is kept in-line
- Quality control and traceability: Overall recording quality is monitored and reported, Recorders demographic with custom fields, On-display signal check
- Pacemaker analysis
- Referral notes with custom phrases and terms
and many other features...