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FT-IR spectrometer / for research and development / for the pharmaceutical industry / forensic medicine



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for research and development, for the pharmaceutical industry, forensic medicine

  • Other characteristics:

    bench-top, high-sensitivity


Our new FT mid-IR spectrometer InfraLUM FT-08 has been designed basing on our extensive R&D and expertise in the IR spectroscopy (infrared spectroscopy). This multipurpose and easy-to-operate instrument provides a well suited option for various analytical laboratories. The high-quality misalignment-proof optics, high-sensitivity DLATGS detector, and a wide variety of accessories ensure the users’ absolute confidence in the high accuracy of the measurement data and make it an ideal tool for routine measurements at low inventory investment and running costs.

Measurement procedure
The instrument is operated by SpectraLUM software run under Windows environment, which provides simple control and allows even unskilled personnel to easily master the instrument operation.
All major functions, such as peak identification, derivative quantification, quantitative calibrations creation, etc., can easily be performed with SpectraLUM software. Library search module allows to plug spectra libraries and to create own user’s libraries.

Is based on the measuring IR spectra using Fourier transform technique.

Patented high-quality misalignment-proof Double Cat’s Eye interferometer
Hermetically sealed optical compartment with the automated moisture monitoring system
High-sensitivity DLATGS detector
Advanced radiation source with extended service life
Built-in smart total self-diagnostics system
Innovative ergonomic design of the spectrometer housing that provides best convenience for the operator
Large sample compartment 230 X 240 X 180mm