automatic immunoassay analyzer / floor-standing / chemiluminescence / human
IS 1200



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IS 1200 Automatic Chemiluminescence Analyzer
Simple and Safe Laboratory Solution
Stable test function and reliable test result. It could furthest improve the clinical laboratory working efficiency and simultaneously reduce the test costs.
It’s the first single-tube automatic chemiluminescence analyzer with independent intellectual property rights in China, which was released in 2011, and has a test speed of 120 Ts/h.
The enzymatic chemiluminescence of HRP substrates is used for immunological technique and labeling technique.
The magnetic particle carrier and magnetic separation
technique with higher sensitivity

The new bright spot of in vitro diagnosis industry
Disposable tips to prevent carryover
QR-code for reagent management.18 reagent positions. Refrigerated.
Suspension blending to avoid cross contamination

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