automatic blood component extractor

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automatic blood component extractor automatic blood component extractor - MACOPRESS SMART
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Automated Cord Blood Volume Reduction Device

Since its launch, the Macopress Smart, an automated blood component separator, has been relied on to efficiently process blood units in major banks worldwide.

Designed to Streamline your Process

The system is able to combine being an extremely cost effective solution whilst producing high quality end products.

Moreover, it gives the ability to quickly process a large number of units in a short space of time with just a single machine, freeing up staff time and valuable laboratory space.

Benefits :
High TNC recovery facilitated by sensitive optical sensors.
The system allows a high degree of control and flexibility of parameters such as end volume and hematocrit.
Ability to process >10 units/hour using a single device.
Thanks to our sophisticated software, we can quickly provide our clients tailored programs to fit their needs.
The MPS is a compact device that can be easily to integrated into your lab space.