tDCS transcranial electrical stimulator



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The HDCstim is a battery supplied, programmable stimulator that is used to administer direct current (DC) stimulation.

Lightweight, highly portable and compact.
The HDCstim is designed for home use by a patient or subject, the HDCstim is only pre-programmable with an HDCprog and will not deviate from the treatment or protocol chosen by a researcher or clinician.*
The HDCstim delivers a finite number of prescribed stimulations with a selectable time interval between two consecutive stimulations. The HDCstim records all use, and its outputs, for later retrieval on the HDCprog by researcher or clinician. It is lightweight, highly portable and compact.
The HDCstim’s ease of use ensures that the subject or patient can activate the pre-programmed stimulation as and when directed.
Additional HDCstims can be ordered without the need to buy additional programmers.
*The HDCstim should only be used under the guidance of a trained medical professional.

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