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TMS coil TMS coil - Air Film Sham


The Magstim Air Film sham coil is the perfect compliment to its active variant, in that it is identical in all but stimulation output. The coil is fully self-contained, with no additional parts, which would compromise its appearance as a sham coil.

Compatible with the full Rapid range of Magstim Stimulators, the 70mm Double Air Film sham coil allows users to conduct research trials with a true sham condition.
By stimulating the peripheral nerves of the face and scalp, the Air Film sham coil looks, sounds and feels the same as an active coil, both to the subject and operator but does not deliver active stimulation of deep nerves.
Utilising a managed ambient air flow and integrated temperature-regulated fan technology, the coil can be cooled without the need for an external cooling supply or water reservoir.
Designed to work with the Magstim Articulated Coil Stand for longer periods of stimulation, users are able to support, position and fixate the coil for precise stimulation throughout application.