screening audiometer / for pediatric audiometry / digital

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screening audiometer / for pediatric audiometry / digital screening audiometer / for pediatric audiometry / digital - PILOT TEST


  • Type:

    screening audiometer

  • Type of patient:

    for pediatric audiometry

  • Technology:



Pure tone screening and playful queries in one device
The small patient purchases a “pilot license” in a playful way. Connected to the game is a hearing test, aiming to examine hearing and speech comprehension. Furthermore, the test shows the kid’s ability to put things heard into action. Thus, severe hearing impairments may be discovered in time, especially with preschoolers.

After completing the Pilot Hearing Test each kid is rewarded with a sticker and leaves the premises a proud pilot.

Pilot Hearing Test at a glance:

More than just an auditory test: Hearing – Understanding – Implementing
Playful queries for children three years of age and older
The new graphical LCD-Color-Display shows the picture of the test word
Tone audiometry for older children
Pilot Hearing Test is available in different languages
Up to 20 different languages may be stored on the device
MAICO Sessions PC Software optional
OtoAccess® or Noah database optional
How does our Pilot Hearing Test work?
The child is prompted to indicated different items on a display: “Show me the ice!” Meanwhile the tasks’ level of difficulty is increased gradually, by automatically reducing the volume of the spoken requests bit by bit. The test range varies from 70 dBHL in the beginning to 25 dBHL..
Pure Tone Screening
For children of school age, the device provides an inbuilt tone audiometer with eight frequencies to enable the exact determination of the auditory threshold. Thus, the device offers the perfect testing method for each age. The tone audiometry may be connected to the software used by the office.