gel documentation system with CCD camera / with transilluminator



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    with CCD camera, with transilluminator


The amazing SmartView Pro 2000 series offers all the same great features from 1000 series but harness the power of the 2.0 megapixel CCD camera. As the CCD camera provides sharper image with sharper sensitivity, shorter exposure time, great gel image can be taken with less time consuming. All accessories from SmartView Pro 1000 series are all compatible to 2000 series, including the gel capture and analysis software.

The SmartView Pro Imager System is our latest gel documentation system. The system provides you a compact, durable, and convenient operation for your daily gel imaging tasks. With the exceptional 2.0 megapixel CCD camera resolution and the pre-focused lens, there is no need to adjust any of the setting, the system works right out of the box.

Our innovative cabinet integrates white light, white light table, blue light and UV light all in the same cabinet for your convenience. The large 21 x 26 cm field of view lets you view bigger gel without any problem. Moreover, the easy one-button image capture software combines with our basic gel analysis software gives you the edge and quick result after image has been taking