gel documentation system with CCD camera / with transilluminator
SmartView Pro 2300, SmartView Pro 2400



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    with CCD camera, with transilluminator


The newest MS SmartView Pro gel documentation systems, UVCI 2300/2400, offer users a state-of-the-art scientific imaging technology and make DNA/Protein gel analysis easier quicker, and more productive. Featured in monochrome 2.0 mega-pixel CCD camera with a 6X zoomable lens, the new UVIC series is far than capable of delivering incomparable sharpness and quality of gel images in 16-bit. On the built-in spacious 10.4” color touch-screen preloaded with capture software, users can easily manage, adjust and edit the captured images digitally through iconized software interface such as: label bands, adjust exposure time and batch file management in a few finger clicks. These performance-level systems are available in two models: UVCI 2300 (UV) and UVCI 2400 (SafeView), and compatible with a variety of expansion modules. Add a trans blue-light plate to UVCI 2300 to uniformly illuminate safe-dye samples, and/or a trans white-light plate to both models for proein analysis. Pick a MS SmartView Pro system; you are on the road to success.