static image analysis particle size analyzer / for the pharmaceutical industry
Morphologi 4



  • Technology:

    static image analysis

  • Applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry


Morphologi 4 Rapid, automated particle size and particle shape analysis
Morphologi 4 provides detailed morphological descriptions of particulate samples through static image analysis, enabling a greater understanding of both sample and process. It can equally be used as an R&D tool to investigate challenging applications and in automated QC analysis where generation of robust, user-independent results and validation are required.
Broad particle size range, from 0.5 μm to over >1300 μm, enables size measurements of a wide range of samples
20+ morphological parameters deliver a highly-detailed description for deeper understanding of your particulate material
SOP control, from sample dispersion to data analysis, provides simple and automated operation for robust, repeatable measurements
Automated ‘Sharp Edge’ analysis enables detection of even low contrast particles
Advanced manual microscope mode and ability to return to particles of interest enables an even closer examination of unexpected particles
High resolution microscope ensures quality particle images for optimum image analysis data
Integrated dry powder dispersion unit delivers reproducible sample dispersion, critical to achieving meaningful results
Dedicated sample presentation accessories enable measurement of a wide variety of sample types, including suspensions and filters
Advanced data exploration tools generate maximum sample knowledge
21 CFR Part 11 software option ensures regulatory compliance