emergency trolley / for linen / with IV pole / with defibrillator shelf



  • Applications:


  • Use:

    for linen

  • Components:

    with IV pole, with defibrillator shelf


Emergency trolley, complete of pre-configurated accessories, UNIko Fly, with n. 8 guides

Dimensions, base trolley (without accessories):

- width 720 mm

- depth 570 mm

- total height: 1020 mm

- worktop height: 970 mm

Same characteristics as the UNIko trolley but with Fly upper worktop moulded in mass-coloured Baydur/Rim, shockproof, scratchproof, easily washed and disinfected, self-extinguishing. Provided with 2 side drawers. The one on the left is conceived to contain objects and/or small medicines and/or drugs, and features a pull-out writing board. The right side drawer has the function of an extra top and/or lap-top support, complete with pull-out tablet for mouse use and under compartment for the eventual storage of the transformer with its supply cable. The locking of the drawers is obtained by means of a centralized lock and key, positioned on the edge.

Made up of: n. 2 lateral drawers and centralized locking, n.2 ISO drawer H70, n. 3 ISO drawer H145, n. 5 Label holder profile for ISO drawers, n. 1 Kit comb-like dividers ISO drawer H70, n. 1 Kit comb-like dividers ISO drawer H145, Frontal closing flap with seal holder, I.v.rod, height-adjustable, 4 hooks, defibrillator holder support.

Follows made up of: oxygen cylinder holder, cardiac massage board, pair of lateral bars, support for secretions container, housing for suction pump. 303310 Set of antistatic wheels (Optional).