transport trolley / for endoscopes / with drawer



  • Applications:


  • Use:

    for endoscopes

  • Components:

    with drawer


This sturdy scratchproof trolley is made from assembling composite materials and respecting dimensions of each part in the process. The self-extinguishing material that is chosen for each side makes it work better for the user's needs. The trolley's front compartment can be changed according to needs by using the UNIko' drawers in injection-moulded plastic material. Extruded aluminum is used on the sides while inner paneling has been selected with epoxy-polyester powder coated sheet steel. Safety is added with the self-extinguishing, thermoformed ABS at the top. The base is also particular with mass-coloured Baydur/Rim. Unit is shockproof and easily washed and disinfected. It has a push handle function that predisposed for the fitting of the i.v.rod and defibrillator-holder. Spills are contained by the raised front end. An ergonomic study solidify its maneuverability, functionality and durability even at full load.