dermo-massage skin care unit / magnetic pulse body contouring / trolley-mounted



  • Treatment:

    dermo-massage, magnetic pulse body contouring

  • Ergonomics:



Powerful, Simple, Versatile. Performs regeneration of the connective tissue for aesthetic and treatment purposes.
MR991 features two cutting-edge technologies which work together to offer incomparable results, as proven by numerous clinical studies. Our patented D.E.S. - Dual Energy System - Technology is the most advanced system in the medical and cosmetic field as it combines the use of two innovative technologies: MRM endomassage (mechanical manipulation with motorised rollers, which act simultaneously with a deep pulsating action), and CMPS (pulsed magnetic fields with stochastic resonance, which stimulate and increase the fibroblasts, regenerating and recharging lifeless cells).