hemodialysis water treatment system / hot water rinse / reverse osmosis
WRO 300 H



  • Applications:


  • Technology:

    hot water rinse, reverse osmosis


What Makes the WRO H Different?

Ease of Use - Automated procedures to minimize caregiver involvement
Quiet Operation - Low noise level for regular and nocturnal treatments
Low Maintenance - Validated, Automated Hot Water or Chemical disinfection for bacteria control
Safety - Programmable auto-flushing and continuous product loop eliminates stagnation and ensures system cleanliness and readiness
Reliability - Consistent production of quality water on demand
Service & Support - Technical assistance, manuals, training DVDs for help when needed

Standard Features

Portable, compact and easy to operate with a very low noise level
Additional automated procedures and internal diagnostic minimize home patients and caregiver involvement
Programmable automated flushing and
continuous product water loop eliminate
stagnation and ensures system cleanliness
Continuous product water loop minimizes water volume requirements for purified water production
Automated processes ensure consistency with disinfection procedures
End-to-end disinfection with dialysis machines